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Seven Devices between €69 and €500 for Monitoring Environmental Parameters with PRTG

As the founder of “The network monitoring company”, Paessler AG, it was quite natural for me to not only monitor our home network, but also various environmental metrics in our family home. We moved into our new home a year and a half ago, and having temperature data series has been quite helpful to do the fine tuning and bug-fixing of the heating and ventilation systems.

Why IoT Devices Are the Trojan Horses of Our Time. And Why Nobody Talks About It.

Let's say the most honest salesman in the world would like to sell IoT solutions to a medium-sized company. Maybe something in the field of Smart Maintenance, or maybe isolated IIoT devices. Whatever it is, the price is king and of course the CEO of the company will be happy if this deal can be handled particularly cost-efficiently. But first of all, the salesman, because of his pleasant honesty, sends out the warning that these IoT solutions will become part of the company’s network, are virtually impossible to protect, are a ridiculously open gate for various types of attacks, and a compromised network will seriously mess up the CEO’s day. What are the odds that the deal will be closed? And why are IoT devices of all kinds still a huge business? Because they are sold without warning.

Nobody Likes a Boring Newsletter

For many years we have been sending out a newsletter with our latest blog posts. That's changing in a way now. Instead of a mere overview of our blog posts, in the future you can expect editorial opinions and cross-references on topics that interest a tech audience.

PRTG Desktop App Released as Stable Version

You probably already know about our PRTG Desktop app. If not, we published two articles in September 2018 about it here on our blog:

PRTG On the Road Winners, in Pictures

In November last year, we held a competition where PRTG users could win a PRTG bag or neck warmer. We also had a follow-up: the winners could then win one of five Playstation 4 Pro consoles if they posted a picture of themselves with their prize and used #PRTGontheroad as a hashtag. We expected some interesting photos, and our users delivered! 

Work with Our PRTG How-to Guides

If you use PRTG Network Monitor regularly, you will sooner or later come across one of our numerous support resources. We offer many ways to learn more about PRTG:

What IoT Devices from the Trash Reveal about Their Former Owners

Smart, networked devices such as app-controlled surveillance cameras and light bulbs can be easily hacked. Especially with cheap IoT gadgets, the password is often fixed in the firmware and cannot be changed. Here follows a short anecdote about the sheer insanity of IoT uncertainty, followed by the top 10 vulnerabilities of IoT devices defined by OWASP.

Don’t Miss News About PRTG Release 19.1.48

Welcome to the first PRTG Release News on the blog in 2019. I hope you had a fantastic start to the new year and have bravely stuck to your good intentions so far. Our developers are already working hard on the PRTG release 19.1.49. Ideally you are running our latest stable version 19.1.48, or are perhaps planning to install the update and want to know what to expect. In both cases I recommend you read on. 😊 Let's take a look at the features of the latest release.

How IoT Worlds Are Networked from Orbit

Initially, this article would have started with the words "One small step for..." but in every trustworthy team of writers this is a reason for termination. Still, what Sigfox announced in the middle of last year is a giant leap. Sigfox will send satellites into space, and can thus also cover areas of the earth where this is not easy to implement terrestrially. 

PRTG + Sonoff = Smart Meter

If you’ve been following our Maker Monday YouTube channel, (you HAVE subscribed, haven’t you?) you’ll have seen us describe how to integrate the Sonoff S20 smart socket with Home Assistant software. Here, we describe how you can use the procedure described in the video, to build a smart energy meter that works with PRTG.   

SLA Reporting Made Easy – with the PRTG SLA Plugin

Continuous monitoring of IT infrastructure is a basic requirement for reliable business processes. Especially when it comes to fulfilling SLAs (Service Level Agreements), it is of crucial importance that the monitoring data is available as granularly as possible – ideally in RAW format, i.e. in the original interval. This is the only way to generate meaningful and relevant SLA reports.

How We Have Implemented Environmental Monitoring in Our Headquarters

Since we moved all to our new headquarters in Nuremberg more than two years ago, we have wanted to implement a facility-wide temperature and humidity monitoring system. In practice, as so often happens, other things took priority, so this topic was not on our agenda until the end of last year.

The History of Chess AI

Garry Kasparov is a lot of things. But a modest person is not one of them. In the 1980s, at the height of his career, he claimed that there would never be a chess program capable of defeating him. And indeed, in 1989, he played two games against IBM's computer Deep Thought, both of which he won. In 1996, Kasparov defeated its successor Deep Blue in a match over six games with 4:2, but was the first chess world champion ever to lose a game under tournament conditions against a chess program. The following year, the time had come. Kasparov was defeated by Deep Blue in the rematch with 2.5:3.5. Deep Blue surprised the world with an instinctive, superior game that seemed creative in many ways. So Kasparov, being Kasparov, spread the rumor that IBM must have cheated. That was more than 20 years ago.

Here's How You Can Monitor Azure Resources with PRTG

The reality of modern IT is that you probably operate with at least a part of your infrastructure running in a cloud somewhere. This leads to an awkward hybrid architecture that's not only complex to manage, but difficult to monitor. In this post we're going to take a look at a potential solution for monitoring environments using Azure as their cloud solution. You're going to need PRTG Network Monitor, and some custom PRTG sensors from AutoMonX. EDIT: For those who commented, or who are interested, we have put together a survey to understand your Azure requirements for PRTG. Let us know more about your needs: go to the survey.

Paessler Toolbox Goes Public Beta

We at Paessler always have IT pros at the forefront of what we do. We are always trying to give our customers the best things in PRTG Network Monitor but we thought, is there something more that we can give our customers outside of our software? One of the many answers to this question was the idea of offering a set of tools that IT Pros use on a daily basis. So the Paessler Toolbox was born!